Hi all,

I'm helping a client upgrade their backup system. They currently have 
an 8100 Macintosh and a DDS-1 drive. They are only backing up 5 
systems out of the 15-20 on the network due to the drive's capacity 
and lack of administrator to monitor the setup.

What I'm proposing is to get a VXA drive and put it on a B/W G3 in 
the office. I'm wondering whether getting the 68-pin model and an 
Ultra-SCSI 2 card would make a vast amount of difference in the 
backup speeds. They have a 10/100 switch, so the G3 would be lots 
faster than the 8100. I'm not sure though that the fast ethernet 
would deliver enough bandwidth to justify the use of the ultra scsi 2.

Can someone give me some figures as to what to expect using SCSI 2 
over a 100 Mbps network versus ultra scsi 2? Thanks for any help.

Todd Reed
Just my two cents worth...
Your mileage may vary

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