My question is about preparing a blank tape to be used by a backup server.  
Let's say you are setting up the server for the first time, and are using 
Backup Sets A and B.  If you put an erased tape in the drive, the backup 
server has no way of knowing whether it is from Backup Set A or B, so it 
doesn't start the backup.

What I do is manually backup a few files on the tape, thereby forcing it to 
be either Backup Set A or B.  While this works, I find that it isn't obvious 
to my clients.  I usually have to walk them through this process.  And I 
haven't found it documented in the manual, though I looked carefully enough 
to find that there is haiku on p. 18.  Is there another, more obvious way to 
accomplish tape initialization?

Phil Geller

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