I'd recommend reading the thread started by Lisa Weihl on Thursday, 
"AppleShare server crashing on every backup."  I'm surprised you 
didn't see it.

rcash wrote:
>I have been experiencing the same problem for over 3 months now. I have
>two server both running OS 8.6 and ASIP 6.2 and each time they were
>backed up I got -519 network communication error on which every server I
>remotely backed up. I solved that issues by subdivided the script into
>smaller chunks, I can successfully backup the remote servers that way
>but after the backup runs and people start to log back on the ASIP
>server crashes and I must reboot.
>I am in the process of eliminating the files that are causing the
>problem but with 40 GB of data that moves around it is not a small task.
>I have ran Norton and Disk First Aid neither found any problems. I
>recently received Disk Warrior, it didn't seem to find much. However, I
>have not rebuilt the directory yet, because of time limitation and I'm a
>little leery since the directory can't be duplicate because lack of HD
>space. Anyone have any experience with Disk Warrior?

Eric Zylstra

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