Edmund A. Hintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> asked:

> Are the docs available in pdf format? We've got the 3.0 user guide, but
> we purchased 4.0 (and quite a few other assets) from a competitor when they
> went out of business, and if we ever did have the 4.x manual it's long gone
> now...



  5.1 Win: ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/info/retrospect_docs.exe
  4.2 Mac: ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/info/retrospect_docs.hqx


  5.1 Win: ftp://ftp.dantz.com//pub/info/express_docs.exe
  4.2 Mac: ftp://ftp.dantz.com//pub/info/express_docs.hqx


Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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