Ok, solved one problem, now I've got another. I'm 99% sure the 
problem is with our Adaptec 2930U card that our VXA drive is attached 
to and _not_ the VXA drive. The problem is that now I'm getting 
miscompares on certain files. The weird thing is that it is the same 
files every night. The files themselves are fine on the client 
computer (i.e. no damage, they work just fine). I realize you can get 
miscompares when a file is in use or has changed since the backup... 
but these are "not in use" documents on shutdown down systems 
(waiting for backup of course :-). If the file is modified, the next 
backup will sometimes get it backed up, sometimes not. I'm afraid to 
do a new backup, at this rate I'll have thousands of files 

Before I put the VXA drive on this card it ran off the motherboard 
SCSI and although slow on that, it never gave me these miscompares. 
Also, we've been using a DDS-2 drive for over 2 years with no history 
of miscompares... so it's not a general network problem (happens on 
backup of local drives also).

I highly suspect the 2930 card because I discovered that when I have 
any hard drive attached to the card externally that any application 
on that drive will not launch w/o giving some random error (Type 1, 
2, 90 something, or a dialog saying the app is damaged). I can move 
the same drive to the motherboard SCSI bus and all is well... so the 
files are not really damaged. I played around with every possible 
configuration of termination and Adaptec settings, nothing works 
(this was all done with the VXA drive detatched to ensure it was not 
the source of the problem... ).

I've written to Adaptec but haven't heard anything back yet. Anybody 
else run into a similar problem before? Do I just have a bad card? Do 
I need to start playing the PCI port roulette game (i.e. moving it 
from port to port until one of them works)? I vaguely remember 
something about the port mattering on these 6 port machines... 
something about a bridge chip and the video board?? (This is a Power 
Tower Pro 225)

Any and all advice/comments would be welcome,

-Greg Morin

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