At 3:46 PM -0700 16/6/00, John Spady wrote:
>Is anyone using Retrospect in the OS 9 compatibility window of the OS X
>server to do their backups? The configuration is deemed "not supported" from
>Dantz but they did say that some people have been successful in getting it
>to run anyway.
>I am really looking forward to Dantz's official OS X program... but in the
>meantime, I gotta do my backups! Any thoughts? Thanks folks.

I had the same thoughts about the MacOS on Linux feature of LinuxPPC. 
Anyone tried that?

I've given up on MacOS servers, far too flaky and LinuxPPC is a good 
option, but I'm stuffed for backups as I'd rather not have to run 
another server just for that.

So we need Retro for MacOSX and for Linux (Intel & PPC of course) please.


Ken  G i l l e t t

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