I'm curious as to how smart RS is about storage space on a backup 
set. I'll outline the simple situation for the experts to explain to 
me how RS handles it.

Computer 1 contains files: A1, B1, C1
Computer 2 contains files: A1, B2, C1

Both are being backed up to the same backup set. In the backup set 
will there be two copies of A1, and C1 and one each of B1, and B2, or 
will there only be a single copy of A1 and C1 with pointers in both 
computers file lists that they each contain A1 and C1 but 1 contains 
B1 and 2 contains B2?

I wouldn't care if the files were small, but if they are BIG it makes 
a difference.
-Bob D.
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