>Dean Brissinger writes:
>>On a side note, does Retrospect check for identical files
>>between backup clients?  I have 30 macs with identical system
>>folders.  I really only need to backup those system files once.  If
>>retrospect was so smart, I could do full backups site wide and get
>>most efficient coverage with minimal tape space.  I note it tends to
>>backup more than it needs to because of volume name, time stamp, etc.
>Alas, there are files that change their time stamp any time they are
>accessed. Retrospect has no choice but to back them up unless you use an
>exclude filter.

Is there (or could there be) a filter that allows one to exclude a 
file based on ONLY a changed date/time stamp? Or maybe better still 
one that did a further compare (checksum or ...) to decide that it 
was ok to skip a particular file because it really was backed up 
-Bob D.
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