I currently use Retrospect 4.2 on a separate Mac to Backup our two 
fileservers at work. So far it has been very trouble-free, however on 
two instances in the past week the backup scripts failed to 
autolaunch properly. Instead of starting at 11PM they started around 
8:30AM the following day. The backup Mac is set to auto turn on at 
5:30PM weekdays and is connected to an APS for an uninterrupted power 
supply. The only common factor in both cases was that I opened the 
Date & Time CP and synchronized the clock, with the Network Server 
Option, while Retrospect was still open. As a result Retrospect 
reported that the system clock appears to have changed. I did this 
prior to leaving around 5PM those nites. Could this alone have caused 
retrospect to not launch automatically according to the next 
scheduled script?

Paul Harms,
Mac/Scanner Operator,
Toronto,  CANADA

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