>We have a Quantum Snap server 20 gig.  We mount it on a PowerComputing
>machine using system 8.6.  We do have a problem with the backup freezing up
>towards the end of backing up the server then the server drops off the
>network and must be restarted.  We have been working with Quantum to resolve
>this issue for a couple of months now....they are still researching the

Thanks for your reply.

What freezes? Does the host machine crash or the backup machine? Is Retrospect running 
on the PowerComputing machine?

My worry is that the intense network traffic caused by the backup procedure will cause 
the volume to unmount if mounted via AppleTalk. Appletalk, AFAIK, polls the network 
and when it sees no reply in 120 secs assumes the machine has been disconnected. I 
found this when using ARA on an old Mac II - when clients were ARAing into it, it 
would drop off the network as it was too slow and too busy to reply to AppleTalk 
network traffic.

This is why I asked what protocol the SnapServer was mounted using - the problem may 
not exist, or be different, when connected by TCP/IP.

If it's Retrospect that's crashing then the cause could be one of many things. I think 
if it is Retrospect crashing, you should try and runRetrospect on a different machine 
to the one that the Smap is mounted in, if possibel. I think this would help with the 
fault-finding procedure.

I would be very interested to hear what happens next!


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