I recently downloaded the Retrospect Express Trial, I'm attempting to work
Retrospect Express into our backup strategy.  Before we purchase the full
version of this software, I'd like to get this problem straightened out.  We
currently have approx. 7.1 GB of information that our company has stored on
our server.  Most of this data is latent, and changed about once a month,
but there is about 2 GB of it that is accessed daily and about 1/4 of that 2
GB is changed daily.  Our server currently has a CD-RW drive that we use
once a week to backup our active information, and we backup the rest about
once a month.

Using Dantz's product, we would like to increase the frequency of our
backups of our active information to a daily backup.  This seems possible
with the incremental backup function of the product, but there simply isn't
enough room on one CD for our backups.  What do we need to do to make daily
backups a reality?  Do we need to bite the bullet and buy a tape drive, or
can we make a CD backup work?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Shamburg
Network Administrator, Draftsman
Central Plains Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

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