yes, buy a tape drive. It will pay for itself very quickly. 

Say the following words to your boss:

"Sooner or later there WILL be a catastrophic computer failure resulting in
data loss.
You can either spend a small amount of money on a backup tape drive, or a
large amount of money rebuilding the lost data by hand"

(Didn't you always secretly wish to be an insurance salesman?)

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> From:         Jeff Shamburg
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> Sent:         Wednesday, July 12, 2000 12:18 PM
> Subject:      Backup Strategy
> Hi,
> I recently downloaded the Retrospect Express Trial, I'm attempting to work
> Retrospect Express into our backup strategy.  Before we purchase the full
> version of this software, I'd like to get this problem straightened out.
> We
> currently have approx. 7.1 GB of information that our company has stored
> on
> our server.  Most of this data is latent, and changed about once a month,
> but there is about 2 GB of it that is accessed daily and about 1/4 of that
> 2
> GB is changed daily.  Our server currently has a CD-RW drive that we use
> once a week to backup our active information, and we backup the rest about
> once a month.
> Using Dantz's product, we would like to increase the frequency of our
> backups of our active information to a daily backup.  This seems possible
> with the incremental backup function of the product, but there simply
> isn't
> enough room on one CD for our backups.  What do we need to do to make
> daily
> backups a reality?  Do we need to bite the bullet and buy a tape drive, or
> can we make a CD backup work?
> Thanks in advance.
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> Jeff Shamburg
> Network Administrator, Draftsman
> Central Plains Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
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