We are having a problem with system crashes during backups that we'd like
some help with if possible.

The situation:
     PowerMac G4
     Mac OS 9.0.4 Canadian French
     FirstClass Intranet Server v5.7 Gold
     Retrospect 4.2
     DDS-3 tape drive
     Adaptec SCSI card

We have written a Retrospect Event Handler that executes 2 other
applescript applications on scriptStart and scriptEnd.  This script is
reproduced below.

The startScript handler runs, but the system freezes during the
Verification phase of the backup.  The log shows the following

       Retrospect version 4.2
        autolaunch at 2000/07/27 03:00

    +   Normal Backup using EasyScript Backup at 2000/07/27 03:00
        To backup set Backup Set AŠ

    -   2000/07/27 03:00:34: Copying FirstClass Post Office8001 on
Macintosh HD
        2000/07/27 03:08:21: Comparing FirstClass Post Office8001 on
Macintosh HD

The really weird thing is that if we remove the Retrospect Event Handler,
the backup works properly every time.  Both of the applescript
applications called during the Retrospect Event Handler run fine
stand-alone (FC-Pause Mirroring, and FC-Continue Mirroring). All 3
AppleScripts are located in the "Dossier
Système-->Préférences-->Retrospect" folder

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



Retrospect Event Handler
on scriptStart given scriptName:theScript, startDate:theDate
        run application "FC-Pause Mirroring"
end scriptStart

on scriptEnd given scriptName:theScript,
scriptErrorMessage:theScriptErrorMessage, errorCount:theErrorCount
        run application "FC-Continue Mirroring"
end scriptEnd

on RetrospectQuit()
        quit -- Please leave this in so that the Retrospect Event Handler cleans
up properly
end RetrospectQuit

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