I have had success finally after dealing with my server being crashed
after each backup for 4 months or longer. I upgrade our remotely backed
up server to OS 9.0.4/ ASIP 6.3.2 and Retrospect 4.3 last Thursday. I
had some tweaking to do but know that I have all the settings rights our
server is stable and each night the backup runs and the server is not
crashed each a.m.

The Retrospect read me sounds like the fix had to do with backing up
folders larger than 2GBs. The areas I was having the problems with were
all larger than 2 GBs. It also seemed as if I was having a memory leak
since each morning if I caught the server before it crashed the windows
wouldn't redraw and the Mac OS had maxed out the memory until I

I guess I will not know if my problem was the Mac OS 8.6 or Retrospect
4.2 or both but it is finally solved.

Thank you,

Rhona Cash
Macintosh Systems Administrator
Gear For Sports, Inc.

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