Here's how you make Retrospect 4.2 recognize "Macintosh Disk" backup sets
(created on earlier versions of Retrospect) on mounted disk images.

1. In the Finder, duplicate your Retrospect app
2. Open up the copy in ResEdit
3. Double-click on the STR# resource
4. When that opens, double click on string 274
5. When THAT opens, edit strings 4, 5 and 6 by changing the minus sign at
the beginning to a plus sign. When you're finished, the strings should read
as follows.

(string 4) -->   +.ImageDisk
(string 5) -->   +.HDI
(string 6) -->   +.DivaImage3

6. Save changes and run the hacked -- um, I mean, modified copy of
Retrospect. It will now recognize mounted Disk Image files as if they were

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