New Media backups! That's what they're for. From the Retrospect User's

When Retrospect performs a new media backup, it makes a new backup set (with
a name similar to the old one) using a new or erased CD, disk, or tape or a
new directory for an Internet backup set. This allows the original backup
set and its catalog to remain intact for long-term storage in a safe place.
The new backup set catalog and the new media member (or directory) are each
named with a number in sequence, such as ³Office Net [001]² and ³1-Office
Net [001]².

Retrospect updates references to the old backup set in scripts and schedules
so they reflect the new backup set.

You can schedule a New Media backup in your script, or do one manually under
Configure>Backup Sets>Configure/Properties>Options>Media Action.

Call us if you need help.

Regarding Snapshots, they are taken by default with EVERY backup. However,
only the most recent backup's Snapshot is stored in the catalog file (though
you can retrieve older ones from your backup media if you wish). If you look
closely, this should be what you're seeing. (When you choose the Snapshot to
restore from, you'll see the date and time the Snapshot was taken) If not,
did someone perhaps turn off the "Save Source Snapshots..." option in your


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> From: Ben Lawson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:04:53 -0400
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> Subject: Taking backups out of circulation
> I have a server on a three week tape rotation that recycles a set of
> 15 tapes. I want to start setting aside the occasional initial back
> up for long-term purposes. The backup script will handle replacing
> the members with new tapes, but I'm concerned about the catalogs. If
> I want to retrieve something from a very old backup I think that I'll
> have to re-catalog the tapes, which is a long process. Is there a
> straight-forward way to preserve the catalog as well as the set-aside
> tapes?
> Also my backup sets only seem to have one snapshot for each initial
> full backup. There are no snapshots created with the incremental
> backups. Can I get these generated automatically?
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