I need to do a transfer from a large file backup set on an AppleShare file
server to tape. I don't have enough room on the backup machine to transfer
the file to the local hard drive.

When I perform the transfer, it stops without copying any files. The status
window says incomplete, but the log says "completed successfully." Odd.

> + Executing Backup Set Transfer at 7/28/2000 12:37 AM
>  To backup set Backup Set ZŠ
> - 7/28/2000 12:37:04 AM: Transferring from B File
>  7/28/2000 12:38:07 AM: Execution completed successfully
>   Remaining: 673 files, 2.8 GB
>   Completed: 0 files, zero KB
>   Performance: 0.0 MB/minute
>   Duration: 00:01:03 (00:00:40 idle/loading/preparing)

I have a few large backup sets on the server that I need to dump to tape.
This one is the smallest.

Is there a trick to doing this? I'm using Retrospect 4.3 and OS 9.


Aaron Peckham

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