The below mail was posted a month ago, before I went camping in the German

I've been home for a week and the backup is working extremely poor.

Q #1.
I did five scripts and five StorageSets, one for each workday, and they all
were executed with a Recycled Backup.

Maybe I can have just one script and one StorageSet and use the "new media"
-option? That will take me another week to find out...

Q #2.
For no obvious reason at all the backup just freez when it comes close to
the end of the backupscript. In the log everything seems normal but the
screen says when the script started and when the current client started.

This morning, a clientscript was executed at 2 am and when looking at the
screen at 8 it was half way through...

Same thing appears when backing up a local folder on the server.

Server: desktop gray G3, mac os 8.6, a VXA drive connected through
motherboard SCSI.


/ jakob

At 08:27 2000-07-11 -0700, you wrote:
>Here's the best solution I've found.
>Take five tapes and name them Monday thru Friday.
>Write a script that does a full backup of your server every night. Make it
>back up every Monday to the Monday tape, every Tuesday to the Tuesday tape,
>Write a Backup Server that starts 5 minutes after the full backup every
>night, and tell it to back up your workstations  to any of the five tapes.
>You can let it run all weekend too.
>This way you'll always have a week's worth of full daily backups of your
>server, and you'll always be resetting the tape each time it's used.
>Workstations will get backed up to the same five backup sets as time and
>space permit. Nothing is done incrementally, which makes it easier to keep
>track of what data is on which tape.
>This makes offsite backup work better too, because if you take home last
>night's tape you always know you have a full copy of your server in case of
>top of the world,
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