Hi folks.  I've recently been delighted to discover
Retrospect and also this mailing list, and I thought
I'd jump right in with a newby question.

(BTW, my system is Windows 95, OSR2.)

In making selectors, when using file size as a
selector criteria, you get a choice as to:

      - file size on disk
      - file size used

What's the difference between the terms
"on disk" and "used"?  I understand that files have
"slack space", so that depending on your file system's
cluster size even, say, a 3-byte file actually takes
up, say, 1024 bytes on your drive.  And I suspect
that's exactly the difference between the terms "on
disk" and "used".  It's just that I'm not sure which
would be which, is all.  In the example I gave, would the
"file size on disk" be 3 bytes and the "file size used"
be 1024 bytes, or is it the other way around?

BTW, as a Retrospect newby, I do have a handful of
other probably really basic questions that have come
up while experimenting with the software in order to
learn it.  Is this an okay place to ask those?  Thanks.

Steve LaMantia
Seattle, WA

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