I read all the other replies, but I am very familiar with this problem.
In your:

System Folder->

There is a folder called "Virtual PC 3.0 Preferences"

That folder must be there. Along with the 3 sub-folders.

The easy thing to do is restore your old System Folder to another 
drive and copy the Pref folder over.  I typically restore the entire 
hard disk to a second drive and then copy what needs to be copied 
over to the new one, but that really depends on how old the backup is 

>I think this was just discussed but when I clicked the link for the archives
>it just gave me a list and no way to search. Here's the short of it.
>Restored drive, now virtual PC says it wasn't properly installed... Is there
>a "proper" way to restore it? or am I stuck?

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