>  > I think this was just discussed but when I clicked the link for 
>the archives
>>  it just gave me a list and no way to search. Here's the short of it.
>>  Restored drive, now virtual PC says it wasn't properly installed... Is there
>>  a "proper" way to restore it? or am I stuck?
>The installation of VPC v3 seems to be tied to the volume name and maybe
>size and maybe serialization and maybe date and ....

It's never been that way with me.  Hmm, I've copied the data to CD 
and copied it to another computer with a different HD name and whole 
different setup.  Worked fine.  You just need to remember that prefs 
file.  There's also a file called E-RegCard 029VPC Stamp File, but I 
don't think it has anything to do with it.  In fact, that file is in 
a disabled folder on my system here.

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