>1999, Power Mac G3/300 (blue), AIT, shared 10Base-T ethernet, 59.2
>MB/min. backing up an iMac, 229 MB/min. backing up the server
>2000, Power Mac G3/300, AIT, switched 10/100 ethernet, 347.6 MB/min best
>throughput, 207 MB/min. backing up the server
>Dan Knight, information systems manager       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Dan, what SCSI card do you have for those?

I thought I was doing well when my local Mac backed up to DLT at 150MB/min!

I'm currently using an Adaptec 2940 card.  I've never seen anything 
above 200MB/min around here.

Would like to hear what others are getting as well.  Thanks!

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