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>> Back up rates differ using: G4/ 400, DDS-4, shared 10Base-T Ethernet.  80
>> MB/min on first volume, 187 MB/min on second volume, and 93 MB/ min on
>> third.  All three volumes on server.  What would cause the difference in the
>> speed?
> 80 to 93 is not much, but the 187 would almost indicate that you have
> a fast hard drive.
> Are they three separate disk?  If so, are they connected to SCSI card?
> Since the tape drive is most likely SCSI, I would guess that the
> drive that got 187MB/min is also SCSI and on the same card.  That
> would account for the speed difference.

Actually, the 187Mb/min drive would be on a different controller than the
tape drive, and the lower speeds would be on the same controller. If the
boot drive is an IDE drive and you only have one SCSI card, then the
187Mb/min is probably the boot drive. Am I right?

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