Hi Guys,

I've been thinking through possible options wrt maintaining a "hot spare" of
a server and was wondering if anyone has used Retrospect with a script to
routinely duplicate the disk in a primary server to a secondary server?

Will the duplication be like a Recycle backup or after the first will it be
like a Normal backup (i.e only what has changed).

The usual solution is to have a primary server with redundancy built-in, but
I'm looking at the option of having a number of "cheap" primary servers with
matching secondary servers ... a RAIC (Redundant Array if Inexpensive

Each machine would have 2 NICs with the Retrospect machine doing its thing
via the 2nd NIC.  Only the primary machines would be connected to the live
network via their primary NIC.  Upon a failure, it should simply be a case
of changing an ethernet cable from the failed primary to its "mirrored"

Cheers,  Malcolm

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