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Jon Gardner wrote:
>on 8/16/2000 2:01 PM, jakob krabbe at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> We're looking into getting an AppleShare IP server for filesharing and it
>> has brought to my attention that an ASIP server cannot be used as a
>> Retrospect client!
>> >> Is that true and if so, how have you guys solved that problem?
>Well, somebody must have forgotten to tell my server about it, 'cuz it works
>great as a Retrospect client. Now, I wouldn't recommend using an ASIP server
>as a Retrospect *server* for performance reasons, but some people are even
>doing that successfully.

Last week, I installed two separate AppleShare IP servers, configured as follows:

-File: G4/450/350 MB RAM/Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card/Seagate DDS4 drive/ASIP 
6.2/Retrospect 4.1
-Mail: G3/233/128 MB RAM/AppleShare IP Mail Server 6.2.1/Retrospect client 4.1

The Retrospect backup lives on the G4 running file services, and I am now having 
problems backing up the mail server as a remote. When Retrospect queries the remote 
client, it returns an error that is logged as follows:

"Can't access client XXX Mail Server, error 517 (client is busy)"

Any ideas? I'm going to try switching the client over to AppleTalk, but I would like 
any other input or thoughts anyone might have.


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