I suggested these a while back, but figured couldn't hurt to try again.

It would be nice to be able to make segmented backup file sets, 
similar to what is done when backing up to removable media that holds 
more than 2GB. Ideally, the segment size would be configurable by the 
user (similar to what Stuffit Deluxe allows) in the preferences, but 
also allowing the value to be overridden by individual 
backups/scripts. This would be especially useful to those of us still 
running pre-OS9 systems. It would also be useful when making one-off 
backups. It would allow the primary backup to process just the 
segment that had been changed (which would tend to be smaller than a 
backup file set as currently implemented).

When the program puts up the 'Execution Errors' window it should 
include the client name that generated these errors. Currently, the 
highest level of identifying information is the volume name. Right 
now, after my script runs I can get 30 of 40 of these windows. In the 
case of the Macintosh clients, since they tend to have unique volume 
names, I can usually figure out which client(s) had the errors. 
However, for my Windows clients, all I get is a drive letter (doesn't 
seem to matter if that drive has a volume name associated with it or 
not). Tends to make figuring out which computer I need to visit some 
what more problematical. I realize that I can go to the log (which I 
usually do), but if an error notification window is going to be 
displayed, then it should display enough information to identify the 
client in question.

Some else suggested this several months back, but how about adding a 
progress bar to the client's status window? And also identify the 
volume that's currently being backed up? I'm thinking this would 
allow the end user to make a more informed choice before they just 
clicked the Cancel button.

I also second Jeffry's suggestion for a 'skip' button, in addition to 
the 'pause' and 'stop' buttons, in the progress/status window. There 
have been times when that would have been extremely useful.

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