Hi, Retrospect Runners,

This is an easy question, I think, but I can't find it addressed in
the User's Guide.  (Note I didn't say it's not *in* the User's
Guide; just that I can't find it.  :-)

I created a backup set based on a selector I built.  After I did the
first backup to that backup set, suddenly I realized that, oops,
there are more files I should have included in it.

Can I now modify that selector, adding another condition to included
the files I forgot to originally include, and then run an
incremental backup on the backup set that uses that selector?  In
other words, can I now run an incremental backup on that backup set
with the modified, more inclusive selector, and Retrospect will now
simply add those additional files to the set in the incremental
backup, and all is well with the world?

Or is it more complicated than that?

Steve LaMantia
Seattle, WA

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