Hi all,

I'm running Retrospect 4.2 on a Mac G4 server. We had an older version of
Retrospect on a G3 server, and every morning when I checked the computer,
when I moved the mouse, Retrospect would put up a dialog box telling me that
the script executed successfully, and then I needed to put a new tape in.
But on this version, I don't get these reminders, so I have to manually
launch Retrospect to check the log. I don't like doing this, because I don't
like launching applications on the server when people are using it, just in
case it crashes (yes, Macs do crash!!).

I have the little "Notify for Failures and Media" option selected, and I had
assumed that this would notify me, but no notification do I receive.

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in Advance,

Stewart Macdonald

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