I've set up a new backup system for 25 workstations using a blue G3, 
an Ecrix drive and 100B-t ethernet.  All the systems on the LAN were 
backing up nicely except for one server, a blue/white G3 running 
Filemaker server 3.0.

For security reasons, this system was set up with the  Retrospect 
AppleTalk client, and IP was not loaded.

I noticed that the machine was backing up very slowly, the data 
getting backed up at about 6-7 megs a minute, unlike any other system 
on the LAN.

In order to resolve this problem, I loaded TCP/IP and gave the system 
a nonroutable IP address (192.168...) but Retrospect couldn't see the 
system. I thought Retrospect would address systems on different 
subnets (on the same cable), but consequently I guess that this was a 
mistaken notion. Anyway, it didn't work.

So, I reinstalled the Appletalk client. Now Retrospect wouldn't even 
see the server at all. Nothing I did would get the Retrospect server 
system to acknowledge the Filemaker server, even though I could see 
the system using MacPing or personal file sharing.

Finally I set up the system to be backed up using personal file 
sharing and got a gratifyingly high backup rate....like 60-70 MB/min.

I'm wondering what could be happening here. What would prevent 
Retrospect from seeing an Appletalk client on this network?

Todd Reed

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