Hello all,

My question might seem silly, yet I just want to make sure. At the end of my nightly script after wrap-up I get a total performance line in my log. Is this the average throughput of my backup?

"8/23/2000 8:54:40 AM: Execution stopped between sources, wrap up time reached
 8/23/2000 8:54:40 AM: Execution incomplete
 Total performance: 35.3 MB/minute
 Total duration: 14:54:25 (13:33:02 idle/loading/preparing)
 Quit at 8/23/2000 9:27 AM"

Also, as you can see from my log, my backup server is spending a lot of time (idle/loading/preparing). I figured it is happening because I was really low in disk space (about 200MB left) and Retrospect kept having to compress the catalog as it goes along. I had just increased disk space by 4GB and I hope tonight it will do better/faster.
If anybody would care to comment on the above, it would be greatly appreciated.


PII266, 196MB RAM, 6.4GB HDD, Quantum DLT 4000 SCSI Tape Drive.

TIA, Ben

Ben Mihailescu
System Administrator
Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University, Montreal, CAnada

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