Not a solution, but something the 5200 and 6200 have in common that 
the 6100 does not... IDE.

Also, the 5200 and 6200 don't have on-motherboard Ethernet.  It's a 
card for those, right?

Something to look at anyway.   Maybe try a SCSI boot drive and 
disconnect the IDE to see if that is the solution/problem.

>I am trying to run Retrospect (v4.3 now) on a 5200 or 6200 backing 
>up to a La Cie DVD RAM drive on the SCSI chain.  I am backing up 
>clients across the network (ASIP server and laptops)
>The problem is that Retrospect randomly freezes during the backup - 
>it may be at 5mb or 200Mb.  I have tried several different 
>(5200/6200) machines with similar results.  At present I am using a 
>6100 without problems, but cannot continue as the 6100 is needed as 
>a workstation.
>Has anyone else had problems with such a configuration?

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