>The problem is that Retrospect randomly freezes during the backup - it may 
>be at 5mb or 200Mb.  I have tried several different (5200/6200) machines 
>with similar results.  At present I am using a 6100 without problems, but 
>cannot continue as the 6100 is needed as a workstation.
>Has anyone else had problems with such a configuration?

The x200 series were seriously compromised hardware designs. Full details 
at <http://lowendmac.com/tech/x200.shtml> and less technical overview at 

It boils down to Apple essentially putting a 603 processor on a Quadra 
motherboard. Part of the problem was a 64-bit CPU on a 32-bit 
motherboard, but that's only the start of it. A big part of the problem 
is multiple bus speeds within the motherboard: 37.5 MHz for the part with 
the CPU, 33 or 30 MHz for the video section, 10 MHz for the comm 
slot/ethernet/SCSI/ADB, and 12 MHz IDE bus. All this was overseen by the 
CPU using ROM routines to manage timing.

My head hurts just thinking about it.

And it gets even worse. Because of the system architecture, all data from 
either the ports or the ethernet controller must pass _through_ the 
processor to get to memory, then be processed and sent back out on the 
SCSI bus.

In short, the most convoluted system architecture ever to come out of 
Apple. It's amazing it gets as far as it does running Retrospect for 
network backup.

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