Hello, all...

I am backing up 30 clients, all Macs, and am encountering the following
message (using Retrospect 4.3), when the first tape fills and I try to add
the second one:

'The tape cannot be added to this backup set, it is too different from the
other media in the set.'

Both cartridges are identical Maxell DLTape IV's, with a 40/80 GB capacity
(they seem to be filling with around 45GB of data). Trying to add a fresh
cartridge, right out of the box, does not have any effect on the problem.

Has anyone else seen this? I've only run across it since upgrading to
Retrospect 4.3. My setup? I've got a PowerMac 9600 running a G3/300 upgrade
card, with an APS DLT70 hanging off an UW-SCSI card.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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