On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 08:20:04 Brian D. Caskey wrote:

> I am backing up 30 clients, all Macs, and am encountering the following
> message (using Retrospect 4.3), when the first tape fills and I try to add
> the second one:
> 'The tape cannot be added to this backup set, it is too different from the
> other media in the set.'
> Both cartridges are identical Maxell DLTape IV's, with a 40/80 GB capacity
> (they seem to be filling with around 45GB of data). Trying to add a fresh
> cartridge, right out of the box, does not have any effect on the problem.

I encountered a similar problem recently using an ADIC DS9400D DLT drive.

The problem I realised was to do with the hardware compression settings
having being accidentally altered on the drive, between tapes.


Andrew Fisher
System Supervisor
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