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>I tried repairing the catalog, but it was taking too long, so I decided I 
>would try and skip using the 1-Fourth Friday tape, and have Retrospect 
>use new media, naming it 2-Fourth Friday. When I tried I received this 
>     The tape cannot be added to this backup set, it is too different 
>from the other media
>     in the set.
>I tried erasing the tape, to no avail. Tried another tape, to no avail.
>What does this message mean? What am I doing wrong?

Then Andrew responded to Brian:

>The problem I realised was to do with the hardware compression settings
>having being accidentally altered on the drive, between tapes.

Which appears to also answer my question. I do think that I had changed 
the compression setting somewhere in the chronology.

I didn't find anything about this in the manual, so you guys at Dantz 
might consider a blurb about this in a future update.

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