Can you tell me if this is the Ultra SCSI2 (50 pin) card on you G4, and IF
you remember, what the firmware revision was?  And how you found out that
it was the SCSI card?

>It took me a couple tries, but my problem turned out to be an old
>version of the firmware for the SCSI card that I in there to run the
>tape drive.  I upgraded the firmware and now it is 100%
>>after many years of using retrospect blissfully, I'm at whit's end
>>with the latest upgrade. It crashes every hour or so on my G4. Error
>>type 2, Error type 11 and bus errors all the time. I'm running a
>>very simple back up server script with a number of clients on the
>>LAN. I've increase the RAM to over 150 meg without results.
>>Am I the only one having trouble with this combination?

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