>Cesar Morales <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  ..do you think replacing the monumental BackupExec with Retrospect on our
>  > servers will make life easier here at sysadminville?

We recently switched from that beomoth ArcServe program to 
Retrospect.  For starters, we didn't have to buy the $400 add on to 
make the DLT library work.

We found to get all of the functionality of Retrospect for the 100+ 
host we have, it would cost us roughly $2400.

But besides cost, we also found it hard to figure out what and if 
anything had been backed up!  The logs were very cryptic.

We switched to Retrospect with ADK, and now the SA of that system has 
a lot more time to do other things, plus, more than one person knows 
the system again.


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