We have just had a case of a user with a home G3 Powerbook suffering a
dead disk which was deemed unrecoverable by repairers.  The owner was
not unduly worried as work was transferred fairly regularly between
the PB and a desktop machine using a ZIP disk.

Our Retrospect installation has been running for quite a long time and
certainly long enough to record clients with reports going back a year
or more (eg one user's old laptop is shown as having been last backed
up 711 days ago).

The PB in question is currently registered as a client but according
to the Backup Report has *never* been backed up.  This was much to the
owner's surprise as she was fairly sure it had been backed up a few
months previously.  We typically name the hard disk with a machine
related name eg G3PB-02 and doing a search for folders of that name
revealed that indeed the machine had been fully backed up in April of
this year and we have been able to recover all files backed up at that

So, any ideas why that backup does not appear in the Backup Report?
We could easily have assumed that the owner was mistaken in her
recollection and told her that we did not have any files.


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