I am in the throws of moving RS from one machine to another. During 
the testing phase, I have it running on both machines (call them A 
and B). "A" has RS running and also has the client on it. When "B" is 
set to back up A, I get a message that A isn't visible on the network 
(I know it is-RS there works fine). B also seems to loose connections 
to other clients, as from the clients database, frequently none of 
the network machines are visible. Selecting Network and then the 
appropriate OS, clients become visible and then everything is ok. Why 
do I have to do this manually for RS to see them?

Is this a problem with running RS on two machines at the same time? 
Is there something else I'm missing here.

A: Beige G3; 9.0.4; RS 4.3.1; client 4.3
B: G4; 9.0.4; running ASIP; RS 4.3.1
Latest clients on all machines.
-Bob D.
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