Hi all,

Just playing around with Retrospect 4.3. (Just installed it)

I wanted to know or to suggest if its not currently possible a couple of

Firstly, my understanding of the backup system is that Retrospect never
actually deletes files from the tape, it just writes the new "modified" one.
If this is the case, I would like to be able to restore a snapshot by date.

  eg. Please restore my computer as it was on the 23rd of last month. etc.

In term of integrating into the interface, it would be a case of selecting
the snapshot to restore, then select the date of the snapshot.

Question / Request No 2 has to do with backing up to a Macintosh File.

I would like to be able to set how big the file is allowed to get and also,
I would like to set how long it keeps data. This relates to restoring a
snapshot by date.

  eg. I want to specify (when using a Macintosh File) how long, old data is
      kept. So in the backup set, I select "Macintosh File" and then under
      that I select "Keep old backups for "x" weeks/days/months.. Then
      underneath that, I would like to say "Warn if File exceeds "x"

If I could so this, then I would be really really really happy!

Cheers guys!

    PS... I still want the progress bar on the client backup dialogue box.

    Which also reminds me... I would like the option to make that box


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