Thanx for your input. What exactleyt are you saying!?

We used to had that problem and it turned out that Mac OS was the failing
part. We bought a 24 port Intel 10/100 switch and Mac OS got all screwed
when it came to AppleTalking. I eventually solved it by putting a "software
beak" making 100 Mbit computers run at only 10 MBit.

This problem does not occur when choosing switches from D-Link! So I bought
a 24 port D-Link swich... (We're expanding and needed it anyway.) I haven't
made any research wethere the "breaked computers" would work at 100 MBit now.

We have bought loads of new computers lateley and the problem occured when
mixing commputers running at only 10 MBit like our ISDN Quadra 900. :-)


/ jakob

(I hope this post make sence...)

At 09:41 2000-09-16 +0100, you wrote:
>Some time ago there was a question on this list that concerned the 
>use of a 10/100 switch or hub. There was a reply stating that a dual 
>speed hub would only work at the speed of the slowest connected 
>device. So a mix of 10 and 100 devices would cause all to run at only 
>10 mbps.
>At the time I was dubious of this and have since looked into the 
>question and while there may indeed be some hubs with this 
>limitation, a modern autosensing dual speed hub will allow each 
>device to run at its max speed, just as a switch will do, although 
>without the other advantages of a switch of course, but they are 
>Just thought I'd like to clear that up.

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