A autosensing hub has a built-in 2 port switch. Any 100Mbps ports are repeated
together, as are the 10Mbps ports. The built in switch connects the 100Mb 
group to the 10Mb group.


jakob krabbe said, in a previous message:
> Thanx for your input. What exactleyt are you saying!?
> We used to had that problem and it turned out that Mac OS was the failing
> part. We bought a 24 port Intel 10/100 switch and Mac OS got all screwed
> when it came to AppleTalking. I eventually solved it by putting a "software
> beak" making 100 Mbit computers run at only 10 MBit.
> This problem does not occur when choosing switches from D-Link! So I bought
> a 24 port D-Link swich... (We're expanding and needed it anyway.) I haven't
> made any research wethere the "breaked computers" would work at 100 MBit now.
> We have bought loads of new computers lateley and the problem occured when
> mixing commputers running at only 10 MBit like our ISDN Quadra 900. :-)
> thanx,
> / jakob
> (I hope this post make sence...)
> At 09:41 2000-09-16 +0100, you wrote:
> >Some time ago there was a question on this list that concerned the 
> >use of a 10/100 switch or hub. There was a reply stating that a dual 
> >speed hub would only work at the speed of the slowest connected 
> >device. So a mix of 10 and 100 devices would cause all to run at only 
> >10 mbps.
> >
> >At the time I was dubious of this and have since looked into the 
> >question and while there may indeed be some hubs with this 
> >limitation, a modern autosensing dual speed hub will allow each 
> >device to run at its max speed, just as a switch will do, although 
> >without the other advantages of a switch of course, but they are 
> >cheaper.
> >
> >Just thought I'd like to clear that up.
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