> > A autosensing hub has a built-in 2 port switch. Any 100Mbps ports are repeated
> > together, as are the 10Mbps ports. The built in switch connects the 100Mb
> > group to the 10Mb group.
> >
> Which, by the way, creates an interesting problem when using a tool
> such as EtherPeek to record Ethernet packets.
> If EtherPeek is running on a CPU with a 10 MHz Ethernet connection,
> it will see all packets going between 10 MHz connections, but will
> *not* see any of the packets going from one 100 MHz to another 100 MHz
> connection because in effect these have been switched to a separate
> 100 MHz "segment".  Very baffling until one figures out what is
> going on.

I had assumed it would be a bridge type connection, not a switch. I'll
bet both are out there. Thanks for the heads up.

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