I've been using Retrospect very successfully for some while now, backing up
our small Mac LAN to recordable CDs.
However our company has grown some over time and the use of CD-R is no longer
a real option as it takes too long to do a full backup of the 30GB or so of
data on the LAN.
I am therefore looking for an economical, reliable tape based solution that
can handle the job.
There seem to be many different ysstems available on the market, but rather
than wade through a pile of manufacturer misinformation I thought I would come
straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak.
What works?

Any help or pointers that fellow list-users might be able to offer will be
gratefully received. 


Graham Mitchell
Total Coverage Limited
the co-operative design consultancy
T: 023 8067 8330
F: 023 8067 8340

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