I've got a problem I hope you can address!

As my subject suggests, I need to successfully execute a complete hard drive
restoration from a CDR backup set made with Retrospect Express Backup 4.3 on
my Rev. B iMac running OS 8.6.

Since I have unstable directory file sectors on my hard drive, which Norton
Utilities, Disk First Aid and Drive Setup could not correct, I need to
reformat the drive to write out the bad sectors, and then completely restore
my drive from my backup set.

I've got a Zip 100 USB and a Sony Spressa CRX100E/X2 (USB) CD-RW attached,
as well as the internal CD-ROM drive.

The Express Backup bootable emergency CD, if in the internal drive, includes
Iomega Guest to start the Zip Drive, on which I've put my backup catalog.

In order to also be able to start the Spressa USB CD-RW (contains my backup
set) after I've initialized my hard drive, I've cobbled together a custom
derivative emergency CD (using Toast) to which I've added some system
extensions and preference files:

Extensions: CD-ROM Extension V1.51 (CharisMac), CharisMacOnSpec SIM V1.07c,
CharisMacOnSpec USBD V1.07c, Toast CD Reader V4.1, Toast FireWire Support
V1.0, Toast USB OnSpec v2 Bridge V1.3.0 and Toast USB Support.

Preferences: Adaptec Toast Prefs, and the Retrospect preferences folder,
contianing Operations Log, Retro.Express Config (4.2) and Retro.Icons (4).

This is obviously a "kitchen sink" approach. . . What else might I add? What
may I have missed? Any other suggestions before I "risk all" - twelve plus
years of work!??

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to consider this entreaty, and for
your help!

All the best,
Stanton Mitrany


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