Just saw this on the MacInTouch Ecrix Reader Report page 

>Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:36:21 -0400
>From: Matt Warren
>Subject: More Ecrix notes
>Hello Ric, 
>I have had similar experience with the VXA-1 drive. I run it with 
>Retrospect on a G3 that also runs AppleShare IP and backs up 5 networked 
>We initially had capacity problems with the drive. The native capacity for 
>their big tapes is 33 GB and we were getting around 20 GB. An email to 
>Ecrix solved the problem. The drive can be run in two modes, speed 
>optimized and capacity optimized. If you are backing up over a network 
>with some slow clients, you will not get the best capacity on the tapes as 
>the unit ships from the factory in speed mode. 
>They offered to ship me a tape that would do the mode change just by 
>inserting the tape (much like a cleaning session). This can also be done 
>through their Windows utilities. I moved a SCSI card from a Mac to a PC 
>and ran the util and did the change right away. After all this trouble, I 
>noticed the unit has an admin serial port and I'd be the util could be run 
>from Virtual PC just fine. 
>Since then, capacity is fine and the drive is joy to use. 
>Also, we have the cool black model but they also ship a translucent unit. 
>Peace, Matt Warren 

This explains why I only got 19 GB on my first tape!

According to today's update, a Mac utility to handle the mode switch and 
update the firmware is due within the next two weeks. Hooray! Now I'll be 
able to double what I'm storing on those $80 tapes.

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