I have looked thru the ASIP list archives and Dantz's site, but I 
don't find clear directions or suggestions for backing up an 
Appleshare server. I'm cross posting this to the ASIP list also.

Is there a FAQ about this somewhere? I'm new to ASIP and must make 
sure that I have good backups (and know how to restore from them!) 
just in case of disaster. I will be running ASIP file, print, web and 
mail services on the machine and could run RS on that machine or on a 
separate machine as necessary. The ASIP server will be servicing a 
small university department with about 30 clients (mix of Mac and 
Win) with light traffic.

I'm confused by the RS manual (version 4 third edition) since it 
talks about scripts for stopping mail services for instance, but 
these are not present in my installation (where did they go?). The RS 
manual also references chapter 6 of the ASIP manual, but there is no 
printed manual, only the on-line help. There are no specific 
directions for using RS that I have been able to find there.

I will also be using RS to back up client machines if that makes any 
difference in the suggestions.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I will summarize to the lists as 

System: G4; OS 9.0.4; ASIP 6.3; external VXA tape drive; Retrospect 4.3

-Bob D.
Builder and Pilot of Kinetic Sculpture Vehicle "Killer Tomato"
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