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>>> Actually, most of the motherboards are the same as the Apple equivalents.
>>> They changed other things like floppy drives and CD-ROM drives to a cheaper
>>> 3rd party though.
>>> I had a customer that had a Power Computing PPC.  Equivalent to the 8500. I
>>> opened it up and the motherboard had an Apple part number on it.  The
>>> processor board was made by someone else.  The floppy drive had died within
>>> months of getting the system.  The CD-ROM drive makes an awful noise, but it
>>> still works.  The power supply is basically an ATX power supply that was
>>> modified a little.
>> I think that is exactly what the first contributor meant when he said he
>> wouldn't trust one!
> Hmph. I've been running a PowerComputing 100 (their first clone)
> continuously for since 1995. I never turn it off. I have the original
> everything--including the Apple keyboard and mouse. Not as upgradeable, not
> as nice looking, but it has been a workhorse for me all this time. Got an
> excellent price, and PowerComputing was a great company to work with back
> then (haven't called them in years). The tech support they offered was
> outstanding. I guess YMMV.
> Now, having said that, I wouldn't use it as a backup server, but I don't
> think I'd trust any 5-year-old-plus machine as a backup server.

But I, on the other hand, have two PowerCenter (not Pro) models as primary
servers, one Linux and one MacOS, plus my daily use desktop workstation. The
MacOS one is a router and Retrospect server. Rock solid, never had a
problem; they only die when I press the power button.

The PowerCenter/PowerTower series were the last ones produced before they
closed down, I believe, so they were probably the most mature in design.

The only OEM thing in them though is the motherboard and power supplies, but
both PS fans did die and were replaced. Seems they used cheap fans.
Actually, I lied about problems... the CD-ROM in my PowerCenter Pro reverses
channels on digital audio extraction. =)

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