I've moved my retrospect server (WinNT) behind a firewall, but some
of my clients are still in the unprotected wasteland needing backup.
To limit the holes I put in my firewall to allow this, I need some
details about retrospect's port/protocol usage.  The manual says
that retrospect uses port 497 with both tcp and udp.  When does it
use tcp, and when does it use udp?  If I simply put a tcp hole in
my firewall at port 497, I can see clients only if I use direct
addressing (backup works this way as well).  When I tried using
multicast or subnet broadcast (with 2 subnets listed: the one the
clients are in and the local subnet behind the firewall), to find
clients, I never get anything to show up.  I've tried
putting in a udp hole (port 497) hole in the firewall, but nothing
changes.  My guess is that my setup is blocking something retrospect
is trying to do, but without some more info on how retrospect tries
to talk to clients, I can fix it.

Any info/pointers to relevant docs would be greatly appreciated.




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