Leave it to a computer to make us feel humble. I know I must be missing 
something really simple here but I've got a problem that's got me stumped.

Before calling it quits for the day I switch my location manager from my 
dial-up set to my Retrospect set. Location Manager being what it 
is...sometimes the configuration doesn't switch well and I need to 
restart (it seems to be related to how long I've been connected on the 
dial-up but that's another issue altogether). I launch Retrospect and go 
to configure>clients to make sure all is well for the evening's backups. 

Now, here's the problem. For the past few days my clients are seen just 
fine when I manually check them. However, when I sit down at my computer 
in the morning I see that my Windows client is getting a -1028 error 
during the scripted backup. As soon as I see this, I launch Retrospect 
and do a run script and all goes swimmingly. Now, the Windows box isn't 
touched from the time I manually check it in the evening to the time I 
re-run the script in the morning. This worked just fine until recently. 
Nothing in my setup has changed at all except that I've put an Ecrix 
drive into the mix. But I can't see any reason why a new backup device 
would impact the client's ability to be seen during an unattended script. 
This only happens on the Windows client and it only happens on the 
unattended backup and there are no other errors. Manually checking it or 
doing an immediate run script are just fine.

It's driving me mad (not a far drive, btw). Anything short of tossing out 
my Retro.Config file would be appreciated. 



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